The Key to Fulfilling the Great Commission

One of our highest priorities in the Philippines mission has been developing national ministers and workers, and this has been the mission driving the Apostolic Bible College of the Philippines since it’s inception in 2009.  In recent months, we’ve been taking a condensed version of our ABC curriculum to busy pastors and workers who aren’t able to leave their churches to attend a full time Bible school.  

We’ve developed a series of Concentrated Bible School (CBS) seminars which are now being conducted in 8 strategic locations throughout the Philippines, on a rotating basis.

A total of 16 subjects are included, ranging from Apostolic Doctrine to evangelism, leadership development, and church management.   

A typical CBS seminar is a 3-day event with 24 hours of intensive instruction covering 2 subjects taught in our Bible College.  CBS seminars are scheduled 3 to 4 times a year in each location.  All newly licensed ministers are required to complete the entire CBS curriculum and every pastor and active church worker is also encouraged to attend every seminar. 

In order to reach a nation of 100 million souls, it is clear that we must develop thousands of national ministers and workers to take the gospel to their own people.   Our CBS program is just one way that we are developing pastors and workers to fulfill the Great Commission here in the Philippines.  In closing, let me say thank you to our faithful supporters, because none of this would be possible without you! 

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Evangelism - Filipino Style!

One of the evangelism techniques that we’ve had good success with in the Philippines are what we call Community Appreciation Days.   

These large scale events require much planning and the participation of many volunteers from the local church.  Teams of workers are assigned to cover every task from equipment set up and tear down, to food preparation and distribution, registration table attendants, musicians, singers, altar workers, children’s workers, and much more.

A few days before the event, workers begin canvassing nearby areas, inviting people to gather for a time of fun, food, live music, and door prizes!   

Things kick off with lively gospel music.  Some workers distribute snacks and drinks while others entertain the kids.  In between the music and door prizes, someone gives a moving testimony of how Jesus has impacted their life.  Every event concludes with a gospel message followed by an invitation to repent and be baptized, and the response never ceases to amaze us.  There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing hundreds of seekers coming for an encounter with Jesus!

The impact of these events has been simply amazing!   Thousands of souls are hearing the gospel, hundreds have been baptized in Jesus name, and many new people have been added to our churches.  Thank you for your prayers and support that is making this possible!   

“His servants will arise and build…” (Nehemiah 2:20)

Due to the very low wage scale of their congregants, most of our Filipino pastors receive less than $200 per month in tithes and offerings.  In spite of this, our ministers continue to be aggressively evangelistic.  Most churches are engaging in home bible studies, and some are even conducting crusades.  Several pastors are starting daughter works and others oversee multiple churches.  But, because of the tough economic circumstances, few congregations here are ever able to obtain a building without help.

I’m convinced that few things in missions can deliver a bigger “bang for the buck” than building a church.  In the short term, a new building gives the local congregation a big morale boost and creates buzz in the community.  Over time, that same building becomes the spiritual home for the church family, providing a sense of strength and continuity. 

I’m thankful that over the past 9 years, we’ve been blessed to build 36 new buildings and make major renovations on 5 others.  We currently have 7 building projects either underway or pending funding.  Initially, most of our buildings were “native” structures made from wood and bamboo with a thatch roof. These could usually be built for less than $2,000.  Nowadays most of our buildings are made from much more durable cement blocks and steel, but even these are amazingly cheap by US standards, with a typical 30x30 building costing $6-8K to build utilizing our own construction teams. 

The vast majority of these buildings have come from churches in the USA who have sponsored a building project.  We owe an extreme debt of gratitude to each of them, as well as all you who support the Philippines mission with your prayers and finances.